Eitaro Ohkura (Otsuzumi Hip Drum, Ohkura school)

Eitaro Ohkura is the 17th generation Noh musician in the line descending from Mr. Ohkura Shichizaemon. He studied extensively with his father, Mr. Ohkura Mitsutada, as well as Mr. Yasufuku Tatsuo, a Japanese National Living Treasure of the Takayasu School of Otsuzumi. In 1979 he had his first performance of Noh chant at just 6 years of age. In 1996 he entered Toyko University of Fine Arts and Music's Noh Performer's Division. In the year 2000 he graduated from the University and became a member of the Noh Performer's Association. He has since experiencerd his first performance of Okina and his first performance of Shakkyo. He presently peforms regularly in professional performances throughout the Tokyo area.