Masashi Nomura, Noh actor from Kanze Noh Troupe

A distinguished Kanze School Noh actor who follows in his family's tradition, Masashi Nomura is the son of Noh master Shiro Nomura who is designated as an Intangible Cultural Property by the Japanese Government, and the grandson of the late Kyogen actor Manzo Nomura VI who was designated as a National Treasure.

Debuted at the age of four in Oimatsu (Pine Tree), Masahi Nomura spent over three years of secondary school in Kansas and then Arizona. Upon his return to Japan he attended a two year music program at Tokyo Arts Institute after which he served as disciple to Kiyokazu Kanze, the headmaster of the Kanze School on Noh and now holds his own Associate Teaching Credential. He has performed extensively throughout Japan and around the world, participating in the Centenary of Immigration of Hawaii in 1985 and in the Japan and France Centenary Friendship Memorial in 1997. He has played the role of Senzai in the ceremonial New Year's play Okina and the shite (lead role) for Kagetsu, Tsunemasa, Atsumori, Hagoromo, Tamura, Funa Benkei and Takasago.