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Flowers, medicinal plants, and agricultural gardens are at the core of ancient ceremonial traditions, historical and contemporary popular culture and the healing arts in Mexican culture.

In ancient Mexico, flowers were the symbolic metaphor for all that was beautiful, real and true. According to the early Mesoamerican philosophers, flowers and songs placed God in the hearts of human beings, resulting in ultimate truth, beauty and the creation of art. The recurrent artistic representations of flowers and plants on painted artworks such as ceramic vessels and sculptures, wall paintings, weavings, lacquer ware and textiles reveal the historic importance plants and agriculture have played in Mexican culture.

The ceremonial practices of honoring the dead commonly known today as El Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead were practiced throughout Mexico prior to the arrival of the Spanish colonizers and continue to the present time. These ancient ceremonies had at their core, the ideas that life and death were inseparable dualities. Flowers and plant life relating to agricultural cycles were considered beautiful symbols of the ephemeral quality of life and death.

Today, the abundance of flowers and human skulls are often found in both Mexican and contemporary Chicanx art and link to the longevity of Mexican visual culture.

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