Shumei Hall, Pasadena


Built in 1992, Shumei Hall is a bright and airy space with well-balanced acoustical qualities. The hall's serene and bright character has enchanted musicians and audiences alike. It is a comfortable space that allows people to experience the finest talent in an intimate setting.

On one elevated wing of the hall stands a handmade Petrof grand piano, on the opposite wing a Taiko drum crafted by the famed drum atelier Asano. The placement of these two percussion instruments, each examples of excellent craftsmanship in the eastern and the western traditions, embody the harmony of diverse cultural expressions that is both Shumei's goal and the American experience at its best. Six stained glass windows flanking the sides of the hall lend this contemporary structure color and warmth.

Circular in design, the hall has curvilinear ancillary areas and a ceiling that sweeps upward in a billowing wave to a height of 45 feet. The hall has permanent seating for 308 with five seating areas to accommodate people with special needs. The elevated wings on either side of the hall can comfortably accommodate an additional 200 people with moveable seating. Shumei Hall, Pasadena, is equipped with an audio system and room for sound reinforcement and recording.