The Shumei Arts Council, Inc. was created in early 1998 to enrich the cultural life of the Pasadena and Los Angeles communities and to foster a deeper appreciation of the arts, especially among young people.
We are committed to bringing concerts of the highest quality, as well as unique exhibitions and lectures to Shumei Hall, Pasadena, so that everyone, particularly young people, can explore and experience highly skilled artistic expression. Our mission is based on the belief that art can enlighten the hearts and minds, and that through this transformation our community will flourish.

The Clyde Montgomery Concerts introduce new talent and seldom-heard music. The series features both established musicians and composers, and young talent recently embarking on professional careers. With these concerts, we provide Shumei Hall as a platform for young musicians and a showcase for the nation’s brightest new talent.

The Shumei Children's Concerts Series was established in 2000 to enrich the cultural life of elementary school students, fostering a love of music and music making in the young. There is a great void in music and art education in our local public schools due to drastic budgetary cuts. By targeting public school children who have been hurt by these cuts, our concerts directly address the fundamental need for education in the arts.

Art Exhibitions of new and rare works of art are presented in the Shumei Hall Gallery in Pasadena. These exhibitions feature work by emerging artists and seldom-seen works by established talent.